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: AIAA Meet N' Greet
: varun November 03, 2009, 12:07:38 PM
The AIAA Cape Canaveral section will be holding a Meet N’ Greet for all Professional Members at The Pizza Gallery in The Avenue Viera on Thursday, November 12th


Hello Space Fans,
I am the recruitment officer for the AIAA Space Resources Technical Committee.  I am based at KSC but I work with many others in government, industry and academia to make “living off the land” on extra-terrestrial bodies a reality in the future, and an architecture enabling capability with such things as making propellant from local resources on the moon and Mars.
I have attached a recruitment flyer and I will be at the “Meet and Greet” to answer questions about the Space Resources Technical Committee(TC). We are recruiting members and also welcome any suggestions you may have to make our TC more effective.  I would also be happy to give a presentation at a future AIAA event to let you know what is going on in the TC, at KSC and within NASA regarding Space Resource Utilization.
Feel free to post this flyer or pass the recruitment flyer on to your colleagues and especially students that have a passion for space pioneering.
Best Regards,
Robert P. Mueller
Chief, Surface Systems Office, NE-S
Engineering Directorate
NASA, Kennedy Space Center

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